Welcome to my First ever Blog site through this I do not intend to talk bad about India. I am an Indian and no matter what i’m proud of my country.

Welcome to “IndianViravada” where Viravada is a sanskrit word which has much to say about Heroic Fame, that defines its meaning also. We all are aware about the great and brave people of our country INDIA, who got our freedom from the British company. Its is equally important to know about the new and unseen superheroes in our country who all are impacting on thousands of lives in regards of their way of living, thinking and to make India a better place.

Why Readers will love Indian Viravada!
Indian Viravada is all about “heroic fame” of India or we can say the superheroes with godly powers. Indian Viravada will share positive stories on these superheroes who inspired an awesome community of people, always sharing ideas, helping others with resources and continued doing good work. These unsung heroes changed their life with different prospective and changed the world by their innovations, education, women empowerment, travel, history etc., the list is endless.

Some Amazing compilations about India
People might talk good or bad about India, but certainly it is fun to be here in India. People here know how to enjoy life even with a 4 figure salary. you can enjoy your day in just 100 Rs with your friends. Why? Because it is just fun to be here in India.

Here mistakes are ignored as ‘sab chalta hai’ and past is obliterated as ‘chodh na yaar’. Here everyone hides an engineering mind who can fix anything with a ‘jugad’ . Every boy is united as ‘Bhai hai apna’ and every girl this bhai hates will be abused and hated by all other bhai-s.

Well this was pathetic. Anyways, everyone has a right to think and right to express. I created a funny but meaningful compilations about India from different prospectives.