From Typist To Billiards World Champion – UmaDevi

A journey of effort, persistence and unbridled glory was started back in 1985, when Revanna UmaDevi Nagraj set out to realize her dream and from typist to a billiard champion at the age of 47 was tremendous achievement.

After UmaDevi completed training in typewriting, she started working as a typist for the horticulture department in 1989 at Lalbagh in Bangalore(India). Her passion for game was a divine discovery as she chose to explore billiards. She was always different as she chose to initiate something new by extending her limitations, there by starting on an outstanding journey.

She got trained by one of our best mentors and coaches like Arjuna Award winner Arvinder Savur and Jairaj, who was the former national coach for national billiards team. It was her firm resolution and hard work that she won her first tittle as national champion at Ahmadabad(2002). Then no one was there to stop her and she took part in world championship in china(2003), Netherlands(2004) and Syria(2011). She won the the women’s billiards and snooker world championship at Cambridge in the UK in 2012 and became the first women to do so in India.

The senior most player not let the age factor hinder her progressive journey, instead of her passion towards game her the queen of billiards. From an introvert, reserved senior typist to the world champion, the journey has been incredible.

UmaDevi is a lustrous example of a story driven by passion which was created by the intensity of her own burning desires, giving way to magnificent reality. The Arjuna Awardee has inspired loads for budding sportspersons out there to belive in them and realize their dream.


Indian Viravada salutes the First ever Billiards and Snooker player and a true champion of Indian Sports.


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