Lost Her Daughter 30 Years Ago And Now Mother Of 800 Abandoned Girls

A life mission of a mother who lost her daughter 30 years ago and now mother to 800 Abandoned girls. A orphaned in Lucknow run by Dr. Sarojini Agarwal take care of many baby girls being left in it only to be taken care by the another mother.

Orphan named Manisha Mandir, where she raises her adopted daughters. Interestingly, the destitute home owes it’s origin to a tragedy, which had struck Sarojini over three decades ago.

The Day her oldest son became an engineer, She shared her idea of a home for the abandoned children with her husband and they are now known as “Maa” and “Papa” to the girls at Manisha Mandir.


It was firstly set up in her own house in three rooms in 1985 with Dr. Agarwal(Her Husband), who poured all the money and then the money which she had earned in the royality from her books. The first girl she adopted was a deaf and mute child at the age of 64, whose mother died while giving birth, a divorcee. She named her shivi and soon followed by two other girls whose mother had also died in an accident. Other girls followed – some who were found abandoned, others given up as unwanted while some others were picked up from the streets by Dr. Agarwal. A few also found their way out of brothels.

Dr. Agarwal also began hanging a crib, which she named ‘Sanjeevan palna’ or cradle of life near the gate of her home, here, people could leave abandoned newborns, instead of leaving them on the streets.

She also ensures that the girls receive the best education possible. To meet the ever-growing expenses of the home, the Agarwals have built a large hall on the top floor of the building and lease it out for functions.

Till date, over 800 girls have stayed at the home and many of them have made their mark as bank managers, teachers and principals, while others have married in good families. Many girls have been rehabilitated through legal adoption.

However, with the growing age, Dr. Agarwal says she finds difficult to take care of newborns any more. She has no idea how much longer she will be able to go on serving these girls, but will continue to do so for as long as she can.



Indian Viravada salutes Dr. Agarwal for being mother to over 800 abandoned girls, not only taken care but also ensured their lives with good habitats like education and job.

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