‘Sold Like Goats and Sheeps’: India’s Slave brides

In India, sex-selective abortions and female infanticide, due to a preference for boy babies, has made women as slave brides which became one of the most serious gender imbalances in India.

At present states like Haryana, shortage of women is generating a dangerous demand for brides among men desperate to marry. This makes Haryana, country’s worst gender ratio.

Women Traffickers are stepping into meet this demand, kidnapping women from other states and selling them to men in Haryana.

A statistics proved that 10,000 households in this northern state found more than 9,000 married women come from other states.

It has been discovered that some of the women living in these villages of Haryana has been sold for more than two times.

The villagers use term called ‘Paros’ implying they have been purchased.

“All people in Haryana feel disrespectful towards women like them regarding, they being sold. This brings no self-respect to those women”. They feel very bad whenever they hear this as they also have rights to live and make there life respectful, after all they are also a human being. They are also a citizen of India.

once said by local district magistrate in Haryana, “It’s not always about sex selection. It’s about infanticide; it’s about lack of importance to the girls”.

Indian government have taken so many steps regarding this anti-trafficking and made laws regarding this, still there is not enough done to stop the sale of Brides.




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      1. Nothing exciting will happen, been watching it for soo many years. Our country needs serious economic upliftment otherwise we will continue to deteriorate at an rsther worse rate.

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