Top 10 Lagendary Lost Cities In India Which Discovered Later

We all know, India is known for it’s diversity and beautiful history. Here, I came with India’s top 10 legendary cities which got discovered later and which we heard in the pages of history books in class 9/10.

Some of the historical cities gave the world the earliest planned settlements and the religions of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Not all have been discovered, some excavated by the Archaeologists of India.

Ancient Hidden Cities

  1. Rakhigarhi

    In most famous cities of Indus valley Civilization, Rakhigarhi is one of the oldest and largest settlements of that era. Much like other cities like Harappa and Mahenjo Daro – roads, drainage system, large tankas(rain water collector). statue production and some precious metals found at the time excavation.
    Location – Haryana
    Established – 4600 BC
    Discovered – 1965
  2. Kalibangan

    This city given the evidence of the earliest ploughed fields ever revealed and before there are unique fire alters, which makes it so important.
    Location – Rajasthan
    Established – 3700 BC
    Discovered – 1919
  3. Lothal

    This city stands on the top of the lost cities, which got lost due to flood at that time. Many structures were found like wells, walls, drain pawed floors.
    Location – Gujarat
    Established – 3700 BC
    Discovered 1954
  4. Dholavira

    At the time of excavation only people fount reservoirs, step wells, different antiquities like animals bones, gold, silver, terracotta ornaments etc. It was also seen that the city was well-planned designs and organized at the time construction.
    Location – Kutch, Gujarat
    Established – 2650 BC
    Discovered – 1967
  5. Surkotada

    Hidden by sandstone hills and covered with red laterite soil that gives the entire area a reddish brown color.
    Location – Kutch, Gujarat
    Established – 2100 BC
    Discovered – 1964
  6. Dwarka

    It’s said that the sacred city of Lord Krishna have been submerged 6 times. Huge pillars, antiques and massive stone walls are visible under sea.
    Location – Dwarka, Gujarat
    Established – 1500 BC
    Discovered – 1983
  7. Sanchi

    No introduction on this, one of the famous historical places in India. It is know for the Ashoka pillar and Buddhist style stupa which depicts the story of Buddha’s life.
    Location – Madhya Pradesh
    Established – 300 BC
    Discovered – 1818
  8. Muziris

    This is the Ancient city found artifacts belonging to countries like Egypt, Yemen, Roman and West Asia.
    Location – Kerala
    Established – 100 BC
    Discovered – 1945
  9. Nagarjunakonda

    It’s a Island in the middle of Nagarjuna sagar dam in Guntur. Here, excavation revealed Buddhist ruins, stupas, monasteries, temples etc.
    Location – Andhra Pradesh
    Established – 225 AD
    Discovered – 1926
  10. Vijayanagar

    Lakshmi Narasimha monolith in Hampi

    The city was home to Vijayanagar Kingdom that rose to it’s prime under the rule of Krishnadevaraya. The city is also finds in the Hindu legend of Ramayana as Kishkinda – the real home of Monkey Gods.
    Location – Karnataka
    Established – 1336 AD
    Discovered – 1800

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