India Forgotten Hero: Olympic Swimmer Shamsher Khan

There are so many Unsung Heroes in India, some died and some are still unrecognized. Shamsher Khan, whom India forgot to give the glory what he was capable of.

India’s first Olympian Swimmer, who became a national hero for finishing in the 5th place in the Melbourne Summer Olympics. Before that, he had also set national records in all four Swimming strokes as well as in water polo and diving, making him the only Indian to do so.

Shamsher Khan was just 16 when he got recruitment into Indian Army in 1946. He served in two crucial battles, against China in 1962 and Pakistan in 1973. It was during his time with Indian Army and from there got his showcase in Swimming as a right platform.

He swept all records at the national events and earned himself a ticket to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

In the salary of Rs.56, Shamsher Khan served for Indian Army and as per the records Rs.300 was deducted towards the food and other costs during the Olympics. Indian Government sponsored just the airfare to Melbourne.

I just want to inform you all, no Indian Swimmer has ever ranked as high as khan did it in Olympics, despite the vast improvement in infrastructure and coaching facilities in the last six decades.

As India shows so beautiful sporting culture, it’s time for us that, we Indians take care of our sports persons. There could be no better way to celebrate the memory of the champions who made India so proud. I have done my part by sharing such untold story. Will you?



Indian Viravada salutes you for being the inspirations for many and given a breathless life to sports culture.

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      1. To remember and to get inspiration, is perhaps a job harder for us passive people. That’s why, for the lack of a better reason, I think is why forget people who laid their lives to protect us.

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