Bangalore Stuck in Traffic Jams Becoming Worse

The Hottest topic of conversation in Bangalore these days is Traffic, It’s Clearly visible that Bangalore stuck in traffic jams. After spending more than two years in Bangalore, I have seen people fighting against the notorious traffic jams.

I’ve visited Bangalore three to four times in past and now i’m residing here, but time management as well as traffic is the same. “Start early to factor is plays a important role” today also.

The Traffic is definitely a mess here, people here experienced walking is faster than driving.

“In 2005, traffic moved at the speed of 35 km an hour; in 2015, it had slowed down to 9.2 km, said by people of non-profit World Resource Institute, the wait time is around 5-7 minutes when it should be 2-3 minutes. It got so ridiculous that, today the speed is just 4-5 km on the city’s key outer ring road.

Report says 240 hours is the average time for a individual to stuck in traffic every year and the estimated traffic delay cost for a year is around 65 billion rupees.

Since, 1990’s, global technology firms began opening offices here and a large number of support industries have been growing around it. Bangalore became the second largest Silicon Valley in the World and home to it industries. In 2005 the population grew from 6.5 million and today it’s estimated reach is like 12.5 million. Population has doubled, but the infrastructure has failed to keep pace.

From the statistics, more than 3,500 vehicles are registered daily in the city.

Solution – “Building new flyover can change the pain, but they are not the permanent solution, as new flyover will be clogged in five years”.
What we need is a comprehensive integrated sustainable public transport system, something like we have seen in other countries. Culture over here is working in different transport systems, not talking to each other, is not going to work.

As that is unlikely to happen soon, the situation is “expected to get more worse before it gets better”.

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