World Record Set By Born Without Arms – Foot Painter

Meet the Brilliant Foot Painter who was born without arms but still went on to set a world record.

“Don’t keep thinking that some part of the body is disabled’ – this is what I would like to say to children living with disabilities in India. Always, think of yourself as someone equal to any other individual and you will succeed. You don’t have to change. The only things that need modifications are the viewpoints of others”. – Damini Sen.

Damini was born without arms, but she never let her disability become a hurdle in her life.

  1. The superwoman of todays world can independently do her all the needy households tasks from preparing a full meal to washing, ironing clothes and lot more.
  2. Damini set an example for more and scored an impressive 80% in class 10th after she wrote her exams with her toes, which is beyond something else.
  3. She earned a place in the Golden Book Of Records, 2015 when she set a world record for the highest number of drawings(38) made with her toes in just one hour.
  4. She writes faster than most of her class mates and followed her Bachelor’s degree from the DB girl’s college.

    Where a complete man/woman can’t do anything in today’s world, Damini Sen set an example that nothing is impossible. If you have your thoughts to achieve something big in your life you should be having the capability to think higher than the Mount Everest.

    Indian Viravada salutes Damini Sen for being an inspiration and teaching us that nothing is impossible.

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