1500 years old language is still first language in 4 Indian Villages

Sanskrit, country’s ancient language of Brahman scholars1500 years oldest language which is still exists in the hearts of these villagers.

Sanskrit was not used as day-to-day communication, but was used for scholarly purposes by Brahmans. However, there are many languages spoken in India but Sanskrit is still used for day-to-day communication.

Today I will Introduce you to four such villages where Sanskrit is still their first priority.

  1. Mattur, Karnataka
    Mattur is a village in shimoga district, some 300 km from Bangalore in Karnataka.
    This village is known for its usage of Sanskrit for day-to-day communication.
    It is one of the Indian villages where Sanskrit is a regional language.
    “Katham aasthi”(how are you?) and “aham gachchami”(i m going) are commonly heard Sanskrit phases on the streets.
  2. Hoshalli, Karnataka
    Villagers here are known for its usage of Sanskrit as primary language and for its effort to support Gamaka art, which is a unique form of singing and storytelling in Karnataka along with Carnatic music.
  3. Jhiri, Madhya Pradesh
    Situated 150 km north of Indore, 1000-odds villagers hardly speak the local hamlet Malwi, but its the Indian oldest Sanskrit has replaced it in the last 16 years.
    Communication, greeting, quarrels on the streets, teaching – it’s all in Sanskrit.
  4. Sasana, Odisha
    A remote village in the Coastal districts of Gajapati(Odisha), having a pundit of Sanskrit language in every home.
    A Sanskrit pundit employed in govt. run Sanskrit medium educational institutions can be found in every house hold here.

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