A School by a Sex Worker for the Sex Workers

Let me tell you the truth related Sex Worker, Often for the people who struggle to survive and earn for themselves and their family, education takes backseat. Unfortunately, situations are worse in case of Sex Workers; forget education, people find hard to accept them in our society.

‘Madam Bandaval’ being a sex worker, runs a school for prostitutes in a red light district Maharashtra. She teaches basic reading, writing and maths, as well as money management.

Here’s what Madam Bandaval did to empower herself and other women’s like her through the medium of knowledge.

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  1. Great site and information about India. I’m on limited wi-fi right now so will check your video out when it’s better.
    I solo-backpacked in India for only a month back in 1985. What an experience! 🙂

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