Post-graduated women helping Sex workers in red light area

‘Gitanjali Babbar’ a post graduate helped women’s in red light area in Delhi. Being a graduate in journalism and a PG in development Communication, she declined high paying job offers to set up a center for improving the lives of the sex workers of GB road Delhi. There are many NGOs in India. They regularly organize shows, gathering and events related HIV and AIDS and Sex worker’s rights but no one have given them a better life as Gitanjali does.



  • She set up a center called ‘Kat-katha’ to provide a better life for sex workers, offer opportunities to come out of sex trade and find alternative ways of living.
  •  It uses a four prong ‘Rise’ approach in rising awareness of rights, integration with mainstream society vocational training, skills training and education for both      women and their children.
  •  Kat-katha aims to impact 4000+ women in 77 brothels of GB road in Delhi and is already in about dozen of them.
  • Gitanjali further aims to create a model that can be used to help sex workers across the country.
  • She encouraged sex workers to join mainstream life by teaching them arts like Stitching, embroidery, painting, practicing English, making jewelry etc.
  • Gitanjali helped a lot of women to live meaningful lives and continues her work with in the system to ensure every child has some knowledge, even if the classroom is in a    brothel.

For more information regarding Kat-katha Click here.


Indian Viravada salutes Gitanjali Babbar for doing a tremendous work in helping Red light women’s. Will you?
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