Is rash driving raining Kisses in india

This was really shocking to hear about the incident, a policeman who stopped and hauled up a drunk woman for rash driving ended raining kisses. It was one kiss which the recipient could have never expected and that to a policeman.

What happened exactly

– The lady in her late 30s, apparently lost control at one of the crossing on the eastern metropolitan by-pass close to salt lake in kolkata and hit a divider. However, when a taxi driver tried to rescue her, the lady thrashed him too.

–  When a policeman tried to bring out the lady out, the 30 year old lady pulled him towards her, hugged him tightly, and started showering kisses on him.

–  The lady has been booked for rash driving under the influence of liquor.

"We can also make a case against the lady driver for trying to bribe a policeman by raining kisses on him," said by policeman itself.


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