Anytime is Tea time in India

There is no specific reason why most Indians like drinking much Tea every day. Indians Love to Drink and can make anytime as Tea time. It belongs to the healthier beverages which can be consumed for healthy purposed and one of the healthy nutrients which can be helpful in preventing the body from free-radicals because of anti-oxidants presence. 

Aditya kumar, Abhishek Modi and Rahul Mishra giving a glimpse of Tea popularity.

History Of Tea Popularity In India

The prime reason why Indians are so hyped with tea, is due to its long Historyand association with it. Around 260 years ago, when the foreign invaders, mainly the Britishers were ruling India. The Britishers were love with this drink and so, they brought it along with them.

At first, most of the Indians considered Tea as a special beverages instead of something for having everyday. This was more like limited for special person and special occasions. In simple words, Tea did not belong to regular Indians those days.

Despite of quality production, the demand was getting low. This resulted in poor export of tea to abroad. Thus, tea was sold to the people in lower prices and the taste compelled the people to buy tea.
Since that time people began buying tea and consuming it regularly.

As time passed, Tea became everyday/everyone’s need and people got addicted to it and began testing new new flavors.

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  1. Haha.. This is so true. Indians are obsessed with tea. But, I prefer to avoid it as if contains caffeine. Green tea is a healthy option because of the presence of antioxidants

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