50% of Delhi population feels unsafe due to Sex crime

Being a country of love, such a beautiful culture where we worship women as goddess has a bang again hearing about the people of Delhi. 50% of Delhi population feels unsafe due to Sex Crime.

India has Rape as the fourth most common crime against Women here, as per the sample survey from human rights above 7,500 minors and 100,000 adult/women are raped every year.

According to the statistics the capital New Delhi has the raw number of rapes reported among Indian Cities. Several rape cases in India received lots of media attention, candle marches and triggered protests. This led the government of India to reform its panel for crimes of rape and sexual assault.

After all this it’s again a very painful thing to hear about the 50 per cent of the constituents of the population feeling unsafe and insecure in their minds.

Is It safe, is India a No Country For Women, Why women can’t think a world without sexual violence!!!

Talk….. Talk….. Talk…..

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