Top 10 intelligence agencies in India

Security is much prior thing for any nation, to be in top intelligence plays a vital part. India have many intelligence agencies specialized in different areas. To go in depth of any case, gather important information regarding, providing security and stop crime is the main reason behind having these kind of agencies.

Below are some key agencies of India that strive to keep everyone safe and sound.

  1. Research and Analysis Wing
    The most commonly known and one of the best in India/World, R&AW is the frontier intelligence provider in India.
    Formed – 1968
    Area of Work – Foreign intelligence
    Important operations – Creation of Bangladesh, indo-pak war of 1971,1999 and Operation Smiling Buddha.

  2. National Technical Research Organisation
    It was got set up in the year 2004 under the national security advisor in prime minister’s office, India. It is the only institute of cryptology research and development, first of its kind in Asia.

  3. Intelligence Bureau
    It is the India’s internal intelligence agency and the world’s oldest intelligence agency. It was founded in 1947 at the time we got independence.

  4. Narcotics Control Bureau
    The chief law enforcement and intelligence agency of India responsible for fighting against drug trafficking and the abuse of illegal substances.
  5. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
    It is present in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue. It functions with the central board of exercise and custom. Headed by Director General in New Delhi, it is now present in the seven zones each with the charge of additional Directors, Additional Directors, Deputy Directors, Senior Intelligence officers and many more.

  6. Defence Intelligence Agency
    The nodal agency for all Defence related intelligence, thus distinguishing it from RAW. It also controls the defence information welfare agency which handles all elements of the information warfare repertoire, including different types of operations.
  7. Signal Intelligence Directorate
    A joint service organisation, managed personally from the Army, Navy and Air Force. It has several monitoring companies located at different location around India.

  8. Directorate Of Air Intelligence
    The DAI is responsible for air and satellite reconnaissance missions.

  9. Directorate of Navy Intelligence
    This deals with mainly Navy related operations and plays a vital role in Navy’s Intelligence arm.
  10. Directorate of Income Tax Intelligence and Criminal Investigation
    The law enforcement agency under the Ministry of Finance responsible for investigating violation of Indian’s tax laws, including fraud, evasion and money laundering.

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