Love for Animals led him to left everything

Animals today values as other things around in our surrounding.

Dr. Sahu a dying zoo savior, who left his job twenty seven years ago to take a position at zoo which was facing Rs. 42 lakhs loss every year.

  • ‘Sahu’ was working before in ‘TATA’ but went through his childhood passion of animal welfare.

  • After he saw a advertisement in ‘Times of India’ for the post of HEAD of Ahmadabad zoo, he joined the zoo at the age of 26 – a year after the death of legendary Reuben David(founder of zoo).

  • By 2017, zoo is profitable, home for over 150 species of birds and animals and amongst the best 15 zoos of India.

  • Created a open enclosure for tigers, lions, bears and made a beautiful butterfly park.
  • He also introduced a culture of adopting zoo animals for their nutrition and other needy things.

  • The climate conditions inside the zoo as per the animals resistance was also his creation.


Indian Viravada salutes you for showing the love for animals and teaching us, what animal love is!!

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