Top 10 Painful creatures bites in India

A quarter-inch long sting of bees and wasp are one of the most painful bites from these flying insects. Apart from these, there are few other species as well, who leave a very painful bite. Some of them are highly venomous such as snake and scorpions.

  1. Indian Hornets
    Bite of Hornet of India is very painful and it swell the whole area. these are also known as killer hornets because of its powerful sting, which is quarter-inch long.

  2. Honey Bees
    Sting of Honey bees is just opposite as sweet as honey is, there sting is so painful that it can lead to death as well. There are four species of Honey bees found in India in which Rock named bees species is the largest number of bees in India.

  3. Indian Wasp
    Yellow colored wasp has a quite powerful stings. There bites takes almost a week to heal.

  4. Indian Tigerish Mosquito
    These are present all over India and causes Malaria and Dengue fever. Most dangerous for human beings. Around 20000 people die due to Malaria and Dengue in India every year.

  5.  Spider
    Indian Spiders are not as venom compare to other countries spiders. There bite leaves a infection like a large enough wound which cause painful day to get heal.

  6. Snake
    Around 50000 people are being haunted by these beautiful reptiles every year in India. The Krait snake in India found to be the most deadliest animal on earth. The King Cobra is one of the longest snakes in India, as well as the highly venomous snake in whole world.

  7. Scorpions
    The Black and Red Scorpions are considered to be the most dangerous scorpions. 10-20 people die by there bite every year in India.

  8. Ant
    The Red Ant of India is one of the dangerous ant, it leaves a small red mark an painful irritation. Jerdon’s jumping ant is a unique species of ant can be found in India. A inch is the biggest size of ant.

  9. Centipedes
    These are the most terrifying insects in India, found everywhere from open grassland to bathroom in homes. Giant tiger Centipede is the largest centipede in India.

  10. Fish
    There were a less number of fishes found in India, who are dangerous for human. Few of them can give you a shock of fever.

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