Attack on innocent Amarnath Yatra pilgrims

First of all, my prayers and thoughts are with all those who lost their loved once in Amarnath Yatra attack  in Jammu & Kashmir. 

Really! Terrorism is in the height of cowardice. India will never be bogged down by such cowardly attacks & this hate of destruction. 

Around 40+ people are injured and 100+ Hindu tents were destroyed. I think they don’t follow Quran. They don’t follow the prophet yet they call themselves Muslim. Ashamed of them for killing people cowardly. Stop being diplomatic, stop killing innocent people.

How can such people exist, how can they kill people on a peaceful path. This should not be happening guys rays your voices against.

Prayers for the victims who lost their lives. We will not let hate win, just wanna tell “United We Are”.

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