Delhi golf club’s classicist colonial hangover

An extremely proud, khasi lady Tailin Lyngdoh who has travelled the world in her jenseim from London to USA was thrown out of Delhi golf club because her dress was looking like a maid’s uniform.

India is a diverse country, where no one has the right to tell/point anyone for their clothes,language or anything. Everyone here have their own way of thinking. 

In a high time like this, still people in India believe in discrimination, cultural differences, dressing sense. True but Shocking, when an extremely proud khasi lady was thrown out because her dress was looking like maid’s uniform.

Mrs Lyngdoh has been travelling countries and has dined in best restaurants and pubs, but nowhere she had seen discrimination like this.

In a country like India where women in sarees with jasmine on their hair have been sending satellites in to space, kids of auto drivers’ become IITians, in a country where we find jugad for sustaining our lives, we judge a just because of her dress. Really!!?

There’s a huge problem in our Indian society regarding basic assumptions about what is cool and what is not. We the people only created our own prejudice and created a full cultural mess. It shouldn’t be like this guys. Stand for it. 


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