London returned, Providing Water in Delhi

Help needy is the main motive behind his work, Alag Natarajan providing Water to thirsty people in South Delhi and fondly called “Matkaman”. Grew up in Bangalore, left home as a young adult for London, and ended up staying there for 40yrs as businessman.

  • He changed his mindset after he came out from colon cancer. After his operation he figured out what his purpose in life and got engaged with many of the projects but ended with distributing Water to thirsty people in south Delhi.
  • Doing work like this need courage, he wakes up at 4:30am everyday, get into his specially modified van to deliver Water in areas of Delhi.
  • He places his matkas(pots) near bus stops that passersby can easily get clean and cold drinking Water. He usually takes 90 minutes to fill around 60 pots.
  • He and his volunteers makes 4-5 trips daily to fill matkas(pots). Natarajan modified his van with a generator, two tanks of 500 and 200 litres in it.
  • At some designated places, he provided lassi and cycle bells to cyclists.

    At place like Delhi where scarcity of Water is a major factor, Alag Natarajan proved nothing is impossible because he thought of serving people which is equal to worshipping god.

    Indian Viravada salutes you and your team for your tremendous work of providing Water to thirsty people. To know more about him Click Here

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