Child Labour effecting countries future


At the Age of Education child labour is all over, children are forced to work in hotels, farms etc. Working 10-13 hours a day with very less food, torture, abuses make them mentally and physically so weak.

As per census 2011 data 37% increase in child labourers in the age category 5-9 and 65% in the age category 9-14 nationally.

  • Uttar Pradesh is with the highest number of child labourers approx. 21.7 lakh.
  • Trailing Uttar Pradesh, Bihar is in second place with more than 11 lakh child labourers.
  • Around 8-9 lakh of child labourers in Rajasthan which makes this state number three in ranking.
  • In forth and fifth place its Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra with 6-7 lakh of child labourers.Some are doing with burden and some are for the sake of money. Every child is special and should be taken care. They are forced to do so, rather this we can show them a right path by providing them knowledge.

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