Religion conversion been breaking up hearts

Since We Indians got Independence in 1947, religion conversion have been a subject of debate. Every issue regarding Religion conversion rocks in a big way over million of hearts.

  • There were Hindus who had been forcibly converted to Islam to bring them back to their original religion voluntarily in Agra.
  • There were Christians families got beaten up to take part in Hindu rituals in Utter Pradesh and they were denied for water etc etc.

    It has became a religious battle and there are numbers of complaints about missionaries acting like salesman to sell religion and convert as many people they can.
    The trap is done for the sake of money or in the name of charity.

    As per Today’s scenario more than 8 lac. people converting their religion in India every year.

    We leave in a secular and democratic country guys Wake Up. In this fast running time people want some chill out to relax their mind not religious conflicts.
    We should have only one religion that is humanity. One for All, Love for All as my Tagline says. 


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