People first do engineering and then decide what to do next in India

Engineering- It is mostly 100% true for the youth of this country that we Indians starts our education in a given pattern, Indian society plays an important part safely. So, first we become engineers and decide on what to do next.

In past engineering days, all will make us realize that engineering doesn’t suit us. That how dissatisfaction starts. Many people in India realize the negative consequences of peer pressure and rat race very late. Often, after they are done with the graduation. One reason is, that we end up doing lot of things based on the experiences and knowledge of our elders. For eg., your cousin brother did engineering and now works for a MNC farm. Hence, if you do engineering, you too will work for a MNC. It doesn’t matter what work, what field, what pay etc etc.

Parents also plays a major part in this too. Indian, being a service based country, one can’t blame the society for the behavior. One can’t simply make a living by becoming an artist or any thing other profession because of lake of opportunities. So, most parents don’t encourage  their kids to take the road not taken.

Another problem is that there is hardly any time to realize what you really want to do. Your stream in high school, is generally decided well before high school. Your graduation preparation starts even before you enter high school. Truly speaking. Its only during the graduation years, that people get some time to understand what they really want to do!

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