Using music to teach children

Faith Gonsalves connected children, youth and artists by music, she is the founder of ‘Music Basti’.
Basically belong from Delhi, with the aim to inspire growth using the creative and fun way of learning.

  • ‘Faith’ works with her twin sister ‘Patience’ in this Delhi based organisation.
  • Starting with 5 members team and now have about 35 plus staff who are assisted by a large number of volunteers.
  • They teach about 300 hundred students every year from low income families, who are attending govt. and private schools, and also involves children from slum areas working NGOs.

  • The ‘Music Basti’ team is working their hard to get a larger institutions also to incorporate education through music in their curriculum.

    Indian Viravada salutes you for your tremendous work. children’s are the future, no other better way to gain education by the help of music.

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