A country where everyone is in a hurry but no one is ever on time

Late for examination hall, Late for school, college, offices, parties, events, meetings, trains, airports, bus stops and list can never end. Reasons:   – If you start early, you will never be late. But that seldom happens. We reach late because we start late. If Read more

India is a country divided by many local languages and united by a single foreign language

1600 Languages in India and still the mother of the girl will say, ‘Ladka padha likha hai, first class English bolta hai’. And students in college during interviews say, ‘Interview mei kuch nai rakha, English sahi honi chahiye’.  Which engineering course will you pass just Read more

India is a country where parents spend more on their daughter’s marriage than what they spend on her education

Indian parents are not enemies of their daughter. They try to do best for their daughters. But if that “Best” is right or wrong, is debatable. Most of the times, decisions taken by Indian families are influenced by people living around them, i.e. society. Fear Read more