Ice Man of India- Built 15 artificial glaciers in Ladakh

Civil Engineer and Fondly called the ‘Ice Man of India’, Chewang Norphel created glaciers in Ladakh to help solve the water scarcity in the region. The artificial glaciers increase the ground water recharge and provide water for irrigation.

  • A number of villagers trained by him for this task because of the lack of skilled labor in this remote area.
  • It all started when he noticed a small stream had frozen solid under the shade of a group of trees, though it flowed freely elsewhere in his yard. He found this was due to the flowing water moving too quickly to freeze, while the sluggish trickle of water beneath the trees was slow enough to freeze.

  • Based on which, slowly he constructed checks and created artificial glaciers by diverting a river into a valley.

  • ¬†Chewang’s largest glacier is one at the phuktsey village is the longest(1,000 feet), widest(150 feet) and 4 feet in depth. It can supply water for the entire village of 700 people and cost just Rs. 90,000 to make.

  • He was awarded as padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India, Jamnalal Bajaj Awards two times and lot more.

    What an tremendous achievement, Indian Viravada salutes you for your work.

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