Cat in India can stop hundreds of people while a red light can’t

As per my personal views or I may be wrong about it.

  • It’s a common myth in India that if a cat crosses your path you would not succeed in whatever you were heading for because this brings bad luck.
  • But as far as I’ve seen and known there is no such kind of scientific reasons for believing that it’s a bad sign or it would bring some sort of bad luck to us.
  • It’s just a myth that has been passed down the generations and generations with no reason behind.
  • Every time I’ve been told to change my path or wait for somebody to pass first and at times spit before walking on that path(Thank god I know!! 🙂 ) .
  • Frankly speaking, I’ve had cats cross my path innumerable times and it never affected my work or life in any ways. It’s all up to us what’s wrong or right.

And if it really is true then why people having cats as pets! God please help them.
When real science cannot endorse a belief only non-sense can come to people’s rescue. But the innocent still believe these things!

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