Toybank which sets up toy libraries in organisations 

Shweta Chari from Mumbai founded ‘Toybank‘ which sets up ‘Toys and Games Libraries‘ or spaces that helps disadvantaged children develop their social and cognitive skills using education toys and games.


  • It says A Happy Childhood defines so many aspects for children and therefore the society at large.
    It believes that investing in the mental development of at-risk children through early childhood development programs ensures that they have the right stimulation and nurturing for a better perspective towards life in their adulthood. Their approach is to develop programs and initiatives particularly focusing on their behavior and their mental growth as per their most impressionable years of life.
  • It organised many of the drives for different disable children’s which is subsequently deployed appropriately based on what games to use.
  • Since started in 2004, Toybank has built about 275 game libraries and operate in over 280 centers in Mumbai through 67 partner organisations.
  • Her organisation also helps conduct events for thousands of children in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune using hundreds of volunteers.

Overall, they reach around more than 37,000 children now and have served over 1,20,000 children over the past 13 years. To know more about the organisation and the focused initiatives taken go through the above Youtube video. 


Indian Viravada salutes you for your splendid work to make India a Better Place.

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