The Neighbors Son is always the SI unit of comparison in Indian parents 

Every Child knows that their parents love them but there will be always a comparison between you and the Neighbor’s children.

It’s a rare creature found in India. Our Parents wants their sons to be like e.g. “Sharmaji ka beta” and in every problem we used to hear it “Sharmaji ke betay ko dekho aur ek tum ho“. The Reasons why “Sharmaji ka beta” is better than us:

  • Indian Parents love nerd children and they feel proud to call them “Parhaku beta” . The appearance of “Sharmaji ka beta” is kind of annoying. It feels like he comes from 19th century with big weird frame glasses and his confidence level is quit high.
  • No matter how much he scores in exam above 95% is also not enough for him. Whenever our parents asks their parents about results, the only answer they got is “He got 95% and still he is depressed“.
  • Our parents never get tired and remind us how good, bright and brilliant child he is(Sharmaji ka beta) because he stopped coming to playground at the age of 8.
  • He is like a celebrity among all the uncles and aunties and they never get tired of praising him, and this is the primary reason “Sharmaji ka beta” don’t have any friends.
  • “Sharmaji ka beta” is like Wikipedia, he has the ability to talk on any topic. This is the time when our parents give us a look like we are the biggest looser on this planet.
  • The question we should ask the Sharma’s son is “how much time you don’t study a day” because all they do is study. No movies, no play, no girlfriends and rest all.
  • The most repeated dialogue we heard from our parents is”He has every luxury of his life, good salary, own house, luxury cars and high status, what do you have?” We can say “Maa” because this wording usually comes from the father.This is the common and interesting compilation of every single house in India, the only thing changes is Name 🙂

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