A country where everyone is in a hurry but no one is ever on time

Late for examination hall, Late for school, college, offices, parties, events, meetings, trains, airports, bus stops and list can never end.

– If you start early, you will never be late. But that seldom happens. We reach late because we start late. If it takes me 30 minutes to reach office by bike, I should leave my home 30 minutes early, not 25 minutes.
– We usually have a tendency to reach on time or later. Reaching before time is thought as a wastage of time or not best use of time.
– We think we can Race Against Time by speeding our vehicle or asking taxi, cab, drivers to drive faster so that we reach on time. Remember, this will only lead to increasing the chances of an accident nothing else.
– Depending on situations, If you have to attend meeting in office, you can be late, but if you have to organise a meeting, you will be reaching before time.
– We take many things as granted many a times until we pay a price one day. For e.g. Once i missed my train from Vizag(AP) and since then i never missed a single train till now.

Because of ‘Chalta hai’ attitude in us, I think it goes in every Indian nature or gene. From birth everywhere we are always competing for everything that feeling to go ahead of something makes 3rd person looks like people always in hurry. We tend to follow survivor of fittest too seriously compare to other people.

As long as the consequences of getting late or reaching late are not much harmful, We Indians keep taking risks in life. 🙂

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