Road Doctor of India-using his own pension money to fix damaged roads

The 68 year old Gangadhara Tilak Katnam from Hyderabad is fondly call ‘Road Doctor’ of India as he uses his own pension money to fix public roads not just in his neighborhood but around the city too. He retired in 2008 but found his calling in 2010 when while driving, he ended up splashing dirty mud water on school children after his car fell into a pothole on the road. Later, he witnessed a major accident in which a person lost both his limbs. He decided to do something about potholes problem.

He started in 2010 by filling the potholes on weekends. He drives around the city, collects abandoned tar and gravel lying on roadsides.

Gangadhara then uses the unclaimed materials to fill potholes and adds some money from his own pocket if required. 

He does not accept donations, but encourages people to help him in this physical work. He also got a letter from the state Home minister allowing him to carry on with fixing roads. On his own, he has fixed over 1,200 potholes and more in his hometown of Hyderabad, prevented accidents and saved many lives.

He conceptualized a program called “sramadaan” which says “be the change you want to see” and started getting public and govt support. Sramadaan is a Trust consisting group of people like us who are willing to spend some re-building our roads without waiting for the govt to take care of us. It gives us immense satisfaction and pride in this activity.
Here is what they do-
Identify deadly potholes on city roads
identify drains blocks during rainy season
Gather required raw materials
Plan ahead and inform volunteers
Fix the potholes or blocked drains
Save Injuries ! Save Time ! Save Petrol ! Save Pain
Most importantly – Save a life !!

This Road Doctor quit his at Info tech and made filling potholes his new job so that the roads we all travel are safer. Instead of resentment, indifference, complaining and talking, he choose sympathy, concern, solution and action.

Indian Viravada Salutes you and your work. 


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