India is a country divided by many local languages and united by a single foreign language

1600 Languages in India and still the mother of the girl will say, ‘Ladka padha likha hai, first class English bolta hai’. And students in college during interviews say, ‘Interview mei kuch nai rakha, English sahi honi chahiye’. 

Which engineering course will you pass just by having the English speaking skill ? We all know engineering requires one’s hard work, blood, sweat, tears, alcohol and few light years passed sitting watching IPL cricket and playing cards.
English language in India can differ a rich and poor, smart and a fool, a good school and a bad school. It unites our nation.

The question itself contains the answer. In-spite of many indigenous languages we all share a common tongue as English because being a free country Indian govt doesn’t want to impose any unwanted rules on it’s citizens so that chaos arises.

Last time the Indian govt tried doing this by adopting Hindi as an official language for the country there was resistance from the southern states(especially Tamil Nadu). As a result of the policy the ruling party came down the power hierarchy and opportunists like Annadurai used the situation of the sentiments of the people to rise to power and the party in power crashed down and couldn’t rise for five decades now. So a lesson was learnt and a common language which also offers a global edge over other Asian competitors was adapted as a common language. It is not fair to dictate people to learn a language, Indian learnt English anyway so it was retained as a common language.

About 10 per cent of Indian Population speaks English which is equal to some of the small countries in the World. And we are proud to say that because we have opted something out of our culture and given importance too. India is beautiful country and diversity is a part of it. So people have evolved and learnt to respect and co-exist with diversity.

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