India is a country where parents spend more on their daughter’s marriage than what they spend on her education

Indian parents are not enemies of their daughter. They try to do best for their daughters. But if that “Best” is right or wrong, is debatable.
Most of the times, decisions taken by Indian families are influenced by people living around them, i.e. society. Fear of society is utmost. No one wants to be an outcast. Also not everyone is capable of going against preset trends(what we Indians do the best). The reasons may be –

  •  Return on Investment- In Indian mindset, females are not made for doing outside job. That field belong to males. Females are meant to take care of family and raise children. Now Indian parents want good lifestyle for their kids. Good lifestyle requires money. So sons are encouraged to study, get a high paying job. While they try to marry their daughter in a good family. Now finding a good job boy is hard(it includes salary of boy, looks, family background, drinking, smoking etc.). Most of the times it becomes an auction. Pay the highest price and get the groom. Now to marry a good guy money is required. Girl’s education doesn’t matters(or matters a little). So why waste money on that? So girls education is sacrificed. Though it may appear illogical to you all but sadly its true.
  • Girls are burden to parents, so marry them ASAP- For some Indian families “Ladkiyan to paraya dhan hoti hai”. Girls appear burden to them(due to dowry). So they want to marry them ASAP. This also hinders girl’s education as pursuing a degree will take time. So scrap her dreams.
  •  Working/highly educated girls are cocky- Most of Indian mother in laws want a girl that is obedient and took orders from her before doing anything. It became general now a days that highly educated girls are cocky and they do whatever they want. So that might be a reason of this type of mentality.
  • Ego factor- An Indian boy will never marry a girl that earns more than him. Its a prestige issue. A highly educated girl will obviously earn decent salary. Thus making it difficult to find a boy for her that earns more than her.

    These are not my personal views. This is what i have seen in our Indian society. I would love to know about your thoughts in this. The points may appear illogical to many people but sadly they are true. But it doesn’t meant that things are not changing. They are but at a slow rate.

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