“Cancer awareness by cancer survivor”- Ritu Biyani Joseph is a breast cancer survivor and dental surgeon by profession

Being an outstanding personality for a special reason, she became the spot light when her own pain and suffering with breast cancer made her to take it up as a significant mission. During her treatment, Ritu realised that while she had many misconceptions about breast cancer many other people were not aware of the basic preventives also. Once she got better, she resolved to commit herself to the cause of cancer awareness.

In 2006 Ritu set an example for the people by starting her own foundation Highways infinite. By driving a distance of 30,220kms in 177days, she travelled with her daughter across India conducting breast cancer, oral cancer awareness camps.

During her solo drive to the four tips of India and covered around 30,220kms.

At present, Ritu Biyani Joseph’s Foundation “Highway infinite” served more than 70,000 cancer patients. Her journey is beyond the ordinary people and a true inspirational personality. By taking a important decision of a solo drive to the four tips of india and first time a mother-daughter duo expedition on cancer awareness, which also make her a Limca book of records holder in India. She have been awarded for several times with many prestigious awards like Devi award by Sushma Swaraj.

Her greatest satisfaction is the unhindered co-operation she received from every individual in all her travels, be it a tribal, civilian, defense personnels,  govt servants etc, each of whom she was a messenger of good hope. She engaged audiences on various facets of the ailment and endeavors to bring about an understanding of the realities about the disease, and the after effect of such diagnosis and ways to deal with the emotional and physical trauma, citing her personal example of one who stood up to the challenge of this dreaded condition. Follow the below link to know more about Ritu Biyani joseph mission http://www.highwaysbeyondcancer.org .

What an amazing personality “Ritu Biyani Joseph” Indian Viravada salutes you and your work.

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  1. HI Abhishek ! Your blog is highly inspirational ! There is soo much to learn from these ordinary people who have strived to make an extraordinary impact. Your posts are so insightful and I love the fact that you are one of those people who utilize such a platform for bringing out the good in people. and not among those who promote bad and then go on to complain about how the society’s restrictions have become suffocating or how the world has become an unsafe place to live. I believe a single perspective has the ability to change lives of a million individuals. I must say the concept behind your blog is unique and I definitely look forward to more from your side 🙂

    1. This is my first blogging website and receiving such great compliments from people like you is awesome feeling. Thank you so much ? Bisma
      Best compliment ever got.

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